We are SEO Trainers

Search Engine Optimization is an important skill set for any business owner, any webmaster and any digital marketer.

Actual Practitioner

Unlike some SEO Trainers in Singapore, Tommy Koh is a practitioner for the past 12 years and have been serving clients to this very day. He has done works for Motorist, Hydroflux, Think Teach Academy, Happie, MM Galleri and Global Asia Printings.

Perfect for all

Anyone can learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through our SEO Classes in Singapore if they are keen to take up a new skill. But it takes practice for you to become good at it.

Clear Concise Lessons

Some SEO teachers will share that no link building is needed, some share that just writing good content is enough. Tommy will teach you the theory of both and show you how off-site and on-site search engine optimization is done.

Our Expertise

Tommy has been in the Search Engine Optimization field for 12 years. He is self taught the skills of SEO and also understands how difficult it may be for someone to learn SEO without a mentor or a teacher. Learning SEO through Tommy is easy due to his clear cut explanations about tough topics

On-Site Optimization Knowledge 98%

Off-Site Optimization Knowledge 98%

Technical Optimization Knowledge 98%

SEO Strategy 100%

Our SEO Course

Our basic SEO Class with Singapore SEO Certification will ensure that you have most of the knowledge to kick start your optimization journey but remember you need to become a practitioner yourself and practice what you learnt to get a good grasp of how the algorithm works.

On-Site Optimization

Find out which meta data you need to change to improve your overall ranking

Off-Site Optimization

Backlinks are key to ranking, but where do you find backlinking opportunties?

Technical Optimization

Where should your hosting be done? What platform should you use? How weird should your site architecture be?

Content Creation

Content Strategies are key to getting you traffic and a good content base can help you to gain topical authority

Long Tail Keywords

Everyone wants to rank for exact match high value keywords but do you know Long tail keywords can give you easy wins with low efforts?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized SEO, learn how you can tap on AI to improve your websites rankings

Our SEO Course Syllabus

Our Singapore SEO Course syllabus includes a good flow of knowledge as well as practice using the Wordpress platform to ensure our students truly understand how to use Search Engine Optimization to rank their websites.

01 On-site SEO

On-Site SEO optimization signals to Google what you business is about, it is the main key to whether your website will even rank or not. Content strategy and SEO mindset in content generation is key to On-Site rank signals success

02 Off-Site SEO

It is possible to rank for low competitive keywords without building links. But for any money making keyword, it is impossible to rank without a single backlink at all. Tommy will teach you how Off-Site SEO works

03 Technical SEO

How fast your page loads, the site architecture, the mobile usability of the website plays a big part to the algorithm today as it affects user experience. Find out which technical components can help you gain an edge on your competitors

04 Integration with CRM

Tommy works on WordPress platform as a means to educate his SEO Class Students on the basics of SEO theory and applications. For those who wish to use other CRMs, you can also learn the theory before doing so.

Why Choose Tommy as your SEO Coach & Trainer

Tommy is a passionate SEO Practitioner with 12 years of experience and a keen sense of humour to teach SEO without making it a dry topic for many. His passion gives him the joy of teaching this topic to anyone and help everyone understand this tough topic.

12 Years of Real World Experience

Tommy has worked on websites for companies like Motorist, Hydroflux, Think Teach Academy, Zansan and many more other real world projects.

Passion about SEO & Teaching

SEO is a true passion of our SEO Trainer Tommy Koh where he improves his knowledge and content on a regular basis. Teaching is also something Tommy enjoys doing.

Patience in teaching

Teaching takes a lot of patience especially for those who are new to the topic. You can ask him any question and expect patient teaching so that you can understand the theories of how this digital marketing skill work.

Up-to-date Knowledge

Tommy keeps up to date with the latest developments in SEO, with AI being one of the newest components of SEO Class learning.

Tommy SEO Trainer Class

Full Teaching

Learn On-Site optimization and Off-Site Link building techniques. Non-Gimmicky teaching like "you don't need to build links to rank". Tommy as your Singapore SEO Trainer will teach you what is required of you to rank a small project yourself

Get Advice after your class is done

Feel free to Email Tommy after your class to consult if you meet any issues with your own SEO journey, so he could advice you where to find the resources you may need to better your campaign

One-to-One SEO Coaching

If you require further coaching sessions to get more advance skills sets you can schedule with our Singapore SEO Course Trainer, Tommy Koh

Manageable pace of teaching

Do not worry that you can't catch up, the class pace will be reasonable for all levels. Though basic internet skills are required

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Read on topics with regards to Digital Marketing and also Search Engine Optimization to become a better practitioner yourself

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